Want to get the most from your investment?

Not only will we help you choose the right equipment for your diving needs, we will help you to make it a long-lasting and rewarding investment. (check out A Guide To Wise Scuba Equipment )

Properly maintaining and handling your scuba equipment needs to be part of every divers diving practices, nothing is worse than getting to the dive site and finding out that your equipment won’t work right or that something is broken and that you don’t have the parts to do repairs. (see our section on Scuba Maintenance Tips)

Many divers only have limited knowledge of their scuba equipment operation and may not realize how important it is to keep your equipment up to date with servicing by a qualified technician, they can explain why you're having a “funny noise” when you do this. By bringing your equipment to Scuba Guys’ Dive Shop for regular maintenance our technicians will keep you diving longer.

Scuba Diving Equipment
  • Buoyancy Compensator inspection

  • Buoyancy Compensator Repairs

    $45.00/hr + materials
  • Wetsuit Repairs

    $45.00/hr + materials
  • Dry Suit Repairs

    $45.00/hr + materials
  • 1st Stage & 2nd Stage (inspection & Cleaning)

  • 1st Stage & 2nd Stage Overhaul (Parts may be extra)

  • 1st Stage Service Only (inspection and cleaning)

  • 1st Stage Overhaul (Parts may be extra)

  • 2nd Stage Service Only (inspection and cleaning)

  • 2nd Stage Overhaul (Parts may be extra)

  • Air II/Gemini/inflator/reg combos (inspection & Cleaning)

  • Air II/Gemini/inflator/reg combos Overhaul (Parts may be extra)

  • 1st Stage/2nd Stage/Octo 2nd Stage/ Console

  • Cold Water Conversion

    Call for pricing
  • Visual Inspection

  • Tank Hydrostatic Test includes VIP

  • Tank Tumbling

  • Oxygen Cleaning

  • Valve Repairs

  • Air fill (up to 3000psig)

  • Air fill (>3000psig)

  • Air Card buy 10 get 2 FREE

  • Paint Ball fills

  • Scott Air Pack Fills

    Call for Pricing
  • Cascade Tank Fills

    Call for Pricing