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Fin Found At Lovering Lake

During a dive at Lovering Lake a single fin was found – If you can identify it you can come to the dive shop and pick it up
Hi Everybody, I’m sad to announce that after almost 20 years of providing scuba classes, retail sales and service and commercial diving service, that Scuba Guys’ Dive Shop is going out of business. Due to the business interruption caused by the City of Moose Jaw Cast Iron Water Main Replacement in 2017 2018 Program with

New Pricing

Please check out the different sections of the web site for new pricing; Air Fills are Now $12.00 for up to 3000 psi Air Fills >3000 psi are $15.00 Paint Ball Fills All $8.00 each

DEEP DIVER Specialty Course

If you’re interested in going a little further and deeper in your scuba diving, then this course is for you. The DEEP Diver Course teaches you the more advanced education necessary to venture beyond the Open Water Diver safely. The class includes online theory and one classroom session followed by actual deep diving experience. Class
My NEXT Open Water Scuba Diver Class Starts August 25th. You’ve thought about it! You’ve wished you could do it! You know how great it would be!…….. so WHAT’s holding you back ? Scuba Classes are fun, exciting, and easy to learn. We have flexible times for your convenience, and we work at your pace

Back from Waterton

Well we’re back to work after a great weekend of Diving in Waterton National Park. The diving was excellent and so too the company, thanks to all for a great weekend. The weather was good and the water clear although there was lots of smoke from the nearby forest fires, hopefully they will soon be extinguished.
I will be running an Underwater Photography Course starting  Wednesday July 25. This is a great opportunity to learn how to take good pictures on you dives. The course covers many aspects of photography such as lighting and flash, type of camera and lens selection. I run a lecture session and a pool session before
The Moose Jaw Barracudas Scuba Club are planning a Dive Trip to Waterton National Park in Aug. We would leave Friday and Dive Saturday and Sunday, returning home on Sunday night or Monday Morning. We have been here before it’s a very scenic place to dive here are some highlights. Scuba Diving in Emerald Bay Many
This summer the Moose Jaw Barracudas Scuba Club is taking a dive trip to Waterton, AB on the weekend of Aug 12!  Great diving and a a lot of fun! If this is something you would be interested in, please contact the dive shop for more information!
Hi Everybody, I am changing the hours of store opening beginning Saturday June 30th The new Hours on Saturdays will be from NOON – 5:00PM Thanks