Scuba Guys' Dive Shop offers its customers a wide selection of high quality retail sales merchandise from many suppliers. We sell several top brands of high quality skin and Scuba diving products to include Masks, Fins, Snorkels, thermal protection, Buoyancy compensating devices, diving tools and accessories, Breathing equipment, approved air supply and statistical monitoring equipment and more.

  • We will not sell a product based solely on market price but make sure that the customer understands the commitment we provide them in service and reliability; this is part of that price.
  • A prospective customer today can, and will, check out every conceivable avenue to get the best price on a particular item. This would include Internet Shopping, mail order, and local shops with comparable items, magazine ads and locations visited while abroad. Most of these options will require some risk to the customer because of the type of transaction (i.e.: paying for an item sight unseen or lack of service afterwards.) this is where we will make our pricing worth the cost, we are here!
  • Scuba Guys' Dive Shop rents out top quality equipment to our students and certified customers as required; we have 25 sets of rental equipment on hand at any time to meet this need.
  • Scuba Guys' Dive Shop offers authorized equipment service and repairs of all makes of Scuba equipment that we carry and offer our customers a short turn around time on repairs and maintenance by having qualified and factory authorized service persons available.
  • Scuba Guys' Dive Shop is the only ACUC & SSI Authorized Training facility in Southern Saskatchewan and we are able to teach and certify students from the Basic Open Water Diver certification to Advanced Scuba Diving Instructor rating right in our shop.
  • Scuba Guys' Dive Shop is entering into the travel domain with offers to our customers of Scuba Holidays both Tropical and National.

Customer Sensitivities

Scuba Guys' Dive Shop has competitive pricing of its products and most products we carry are included in our rental gear line up so that the customer can make comparison-shopping easily by trying out different makes and models, we will only deal with top quality manufacturers to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Our products are physically displayed for the customer to see not hidden in boxes or behind bubble wrap or images on a computer screen and we carry a wide of range of style and color.
  • Scuba Guys' Dive Shop has regular hours of business from Monday to Saturday with a very good location downtown just two blocks from Main Street in Moose Jaw
  • We offer customers the ease of credit card and interact shopping.
  • Our reputation is excellent as our principles are well versed and highly respected in the Scuba diving community and are very approachable by the non-diving person.
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