Video Ray ROV Inspection Remote Operated VehicleScuba Guys' Dive Shop can offer Professional ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) Inspections for your water structures, reservoirs, tanks, lagoons, bridges, intakes, culverts and other objects underwater.

We have a state of the art Video Ray Pro 4 ROV with 2 HD cameras, GPS Mapping Technology, Sonar locating, and video software that sees through cloudy and turbid waters. There are only 3 units like this in Canada!

Scuba Guy’s Dive Shop ROV Features

  • Professionally trained and certified ROV Pilots
  • LYNN Video enhancement for turbid water
  • Smart Tether GPS technology for mapping
  • Sonar capable unit for zero visibility structure inspections
  • Extremely potable unitScuba Guys ROV Remote Operated Vehicle Inspections Sonar GPS
  • Multiple cameras
  • DVD production or still shots available
  • 3600 lumen LED lighting system
  • Multiple Cameras onboard

ROV Searches and Inspections better all around for everyone

  • Scuba Guys’ Dive Shop using the VideoRay PRO 4 ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) is extremely effective for video inspections of potable water tanks, reservoirs, and pipes – without the use of divers and from a comfortable position on dry land. A simple chlorine solution rinse on the submersible and teter is usually all that is necessary for compliance for inspection use in potable water tanks or reservoirs.
  • The VideoRay PRO 4 is also effective in submerged pipe inspections as the pilot can fly along or inside the pipe checking for leaks and inspection the integrity of welds.
  • Scuba Guys’ Dive Shop makes tank pipe inspections safer, more effective, and more frequent without stretching budget dollars.
  • Using the VideoRay PRO 4, Scuba Guys’ Dive Shop eliminates the risk of human contamination and exposing divers to unsafe conditions. The angle remote piloted submersible can be equipped with up to 600m (2,000 ft) of tether and captures high quality video and still images directly to the ROV computer’s hard drive – easy to access, edit, and deliver in popular video and image formats.
  • The VideoRay PRO 4 is small and light weight and can be launched from any access to the water, making setup very quick and easy.

High Definition Images

The VideoRay PRO 4 High Definition cameras can capture incredible detail, and with LYNN Video enhancement, images can be obtained in some very turbid or murky waters.

Mapping & Tracking

Scuba Guys’ Dive Shops’ VideoRay PRO 4 with SMART Tether can show by GPS exactly where the sub is and what areas it has seen important factors when trying to complete a successful inspection mission. Scuba Guys’ Dive Shops’ ROV camera has a few options to assist with image quality in low light/low clarity situations, such as shutter speed, wide dynamic range, and LYYN real time video enhancement, it can only see so much when conditions are poor. When trying to image structures, vessel hulls, or trying to locate unknown targets in low visibility or even complete blacked out environments, an acoustic imaging device is an essential tool.

Application Management

With Scuba Guys’ Dive Shop and our ROV service your inspection is much quicker, by being able to move the ROV through the existing water column.

We can get within inches of structures for viewing. With excellent video capture in high definition for playback at any time, now you will have a permanent video copy to show for compliance if required. No more planning for shut down, drain down and loss of product, and mobilization and demobilization of men and associated equipment for manual inspections.   With the water industry becoming more and more emphasized on regular inspection, we have the perfect option for you at a very reason rate.

Cost Savings Safety Advanced Technology Support

Scuba Guys’ Dive Shop’s ROV service can save you thousands of dollars

  • No wasted product by having to drain down reservoir, or wells
  • No confined entry requirements for staff, our sub just drops through a hatch opening.
  • Back up Driver available to recover debris if required.
  • High Definition video cameras get a better view than workers on ladders or scaffolding
  • All video can be given to customer for further study and record of inspection
  • Video Inspection can be directed by customer and can usually be done in 1 day.